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October 2023

October 2023 at Live Life Out Loud: Discover this month's LGBTQ stories and revisit past posts. Join us in celebrating diversity, pride, and unity.

Snuggle Up with Our Velveteen Plush Blanket

Your New Comfort Companion

Get ready to wrap yourself in the ultimate comfort with our new Velveteen Plush Blanket! It's not just any blanket; it's a snuggle buddy, a comfort cloak, and a personal style statement all rolled into one. With sizes ranging from the cuddle-friendly 30x40" to the luxurious 60x80", there's a perfect fit for every lounging need.

Crafted with a blend of 83% polyester and 17% spandex, this medium heavy-weight blanket feels like a dream against the skin. And it's built to last, with double needle topstitch and sturdy edge stitching, ensuring that it can handle daily love and snuggles.

Caring for this piece of cozy heaven is a breeze. A quick machine wash on cold, tumble dry on low heat, and it’s ready for your next movie marathon or chill session. Avoid ironing and bleach, and you'll have a lasting soft companion.

Choose our Velveteen Plush Blanket for those moments when only the softest, most comfortable blanket will do. It's more than warmth; it's a warm embrace in blanket form.

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